Her mom is a monster!!!

  1. I saw this full episode the other day! My mouth was literally hanging open after this segment.

    Earlier in the show, the girl was having a fitting for her court, and she started poking another girl's back and telling her she needed to lose weight! The girl was crying...it was so sad.

    Sweet 16 is my guilty pleasure, but after this episode, I'm not sure I'm interested in watching it again.
  2. I don't get it, I'm assuming her mother showed her the car before the party??
  3. My understanding is that she wanted the car "revealed" at the end of her party so that all of her guests could see. By giving her the car early, a few of her friends saw, and I guess that "ruined" the party?
  4. heh? sorry I didn't get it, maybe bec english is not my native language?

    her mum gave her the car in front of the TV and the girl complained? what was the problem?
  5. ^ Oh I am glad I am not the only one.

    sorry but what? is this for a TV show? how would they know anyway how the girl would react? either it is a dumb set up show or the girl really is the most ridiculous teenager i have ever seen.
  6. OH OK that's why she kept saying she doesn't want a party now. Why did her mom do that? That's like the basis for the whole show, revealing the car after an awesome party:rolleyes: Laura did they have an argument or something since you saw the whole episode? What made her mother reveal the car early, her mom looked pissed off.
  7. It's for "My Super Sweet 16," a show on MTV. It follows these INSANELY spoiled girls (and a few guys) as they plan and attend their 16th birthday parties.

    It's customary on this show for the kid to get a really expensive car, and the cameras are always there for the big reveal.

    I saw the rest of this show, and this girl....REALLY IS the most ridiculous teenager I've ever seen!
  8. I think that her actual birthday and her party were on two different days. Her mom gave her the car on her ACTUAL birthday. Heaven forbid...:rolleyes:
  9. :rolleyes: Yeah her mom is a monster, my mom better not ever give me a Lexus:sweatdrop: she knows it's Jaguar only, I will turn her in for child abuse :roflmfao:
  10. :roflmfao:.

    and thanks for the explanation.
  11. WOW! The horror! I hate it when my mom gives me my luxury car at the WRONG TIME! Hello?!?

    Does this girl know there are children who are STARVING TO DEATH???

    The daughter is the monster & her mother created it.
  12. Geez. Let's take all these stupid teen girls who dont deserve ANYTHING their parents are giving them and ship them off to a 3rd world country and see if they'll be *****ing and complaining about not getting the right color Lexus or Mercedes. :rolleyes:
  13. Wow....well, I think she got what she deserved--the whole universe saw her act like that. I'd never show my face again after acting like that on national tv...
  14. Yes. Then they can go to school in a bus like this one...