Her First Balenciaga! awwwww


bizzy making jools
Jan 17, 2006
I knew I was going to get in trouble if I saw the Ink in person. :love:

I wanted a B bag for some time. It was actually by coincidence that I happened to drive all the way into Boston on the day that the gorgeous new Barney's opened.

Resistance was futile. :smile:

I asked to select from a few identical so I could get the leather I liked best. There were other lovely colors both light and dark but I love the color change dimension of this Inky blue.

First one! I'm so excited. uh-oh this could be the start of something
Congratulations! I also have one and it's gorgeous! It's super versatile and I use it like a black bag, but gives a bit more character and more different. I'm sure you will get other Bbags as they're addicting!