Her eye wouldn't open! HELP!


Oct 9, 2008
Toronto, Canada
My 7 month old kitten Bella usually has watery eyes lately. She also gets that dried up crap in her eyes & i always clean them but today she was napping & i kinda woke her but then i noticed she couldn't open her right eye. It was tightly shut while the other eye was wide open. After i tried to get her up to see more & it slowly opened but not all the way. Now a few hour have passed & its looking more normal but i'm still very worried. Has this ever happend to anyone? I think earlier to that, i had cleaned the crust from her eyes & now i'm scared if i poked her?! I have 2 other kittens but i have never seen them be violent towards each to each other & they were sleeping at the time so i don't think they scratched her. Also, while she napped about an hour later, i was looking at her and that eye seemed to be shut very tight again but not the other one!

I think i'm going to take her to the vet tomorrow.

Edit: she just walked in the room & her eye looks normal now but i'm still worried!


Dec 30, 2007
Any time there is something wrong with a pet's eye, you need to get them into the vet ASAP. When I worked as a vet tech, these kinds of things were given priority. It may be something as simple as she had something in her eye, but it could be something more serious like a scratched cornea. Better safe than sorry.


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Jan 2, 2008
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I had that happen to one of mine when he had a terrible cold. His eye got stuck together. Maybe she's got a viral infection that has settled in her eye. I'd get to the vet asap! Hope she's ok! hugs.


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Aug 8, 2006
I would definitely get her to the vet. Hopefully some ointment will clear that right up. If ever her eye is stuck shut you can grab a washcloth and wet it with some warm water. Very gently wipe her eye. One of my cats had an eye infection. It cleared in about 3 days with some eye ointment.