Henry Beguelin?

  1. Anyone familiar with his bags? I'm not AT ALL but I saw this bag on NeimanMarcus.com & I'm really digging it.. It's called the Nuage Tote.
  2. A high end designer with beautiful and soft leather. Belgium i think but not sure at all. I've seen some of the bags around and they are beautiful quality. HTH!
  3. ooooh i have a fringed leather bag by him. it still looks good after 4 years --- very low maintenance (and my bag is off-white) . Bought mines at Neimans too. I say go for it... :P
  4. The bags from this designer have a rustic yet elegant vibe to them. The leather always smells amazing, and each one comes with a little booklet with the bag name and signed by the artesian that handcrafted it.

    I have sold a few on eBay. Beguelin buyers are really nice!!

    Here are some other styles:


    Beguelin 2_1.JPG

    I saw that one on Neimanmarcus.com and really liked it!
  5. i love this designer and that bag looks beautiful!
  6. Thanks everyone! So glad to hear good things. I might have to treat myself :graucho:
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