Henry Beguelin..what do you think?

  1. So somehow I started watching these Beguelin bags on eBay - what do you guys think of these bags.

    The leathers are very nice, I love hand-tooled bags, love the way they look; although, in practice the look does not alwasy go with my style.

    Any of you own a Beguelin? Can you vouch for their craftsmanship, materials, durability, etc? Apparently, each bag is hand-made!
  2. I have sold some on eBay. None of the styles were suited to me, either, but I thought their leather was just divine and always smelled so awesome!

    They have a loyal fan base. I've never had a problem selling any Henry Beguelins on eBay. Japan is particular fond of them!

    Each one comes with it's "Certificate of Uniqueness" signed by the artisian who handcrafted it, which i think is different and special! So if you do decide to bid on one, ask if that card is included. Not a must have, but it is nice if it's included!

    Definitely an understated but luxurious brand!
  3. ^ thanks very much for the valuable information. Would it be okay if I PM'ed you a link to a Beguelin bag I am currently watching on Ebay?

    The seller says it is komodo dragon, which I think is very strange - I could not find info anywhere that HB had produced bags using this medium.

    Thank you!
  4. Sure! I haven't been as active in selling HB lately, but would be curious to see this one!
  5. Loganz -- I own a Beguelin -- bought years ago at Neiman Marcus. There's a whole story behind the line - Henry Cuir is handled by Barney's and has shops in Tokyo, Beguelin is, I think, the wife, (they split up) she is more franchised out than he - has a shop at the Gansevort Hotel in NY, handled by NMarcus too.

    Mine is Beguelin -- they last forever, are all hand made, just get softer and better with age.

    I did see some on Ebay that looked questionable to me - stitching just didn't look even enough. Hope that helps !
  6. I've always wanted one and finally found one that I :heart:

    the leather is so soft!
  7. ^^ Wow! Beautiful!
  8. whoa, I'm in love!!!^^^
  9. I didn't know whether to start a new thread since this is old, but I had my first visit to an Henry Beguelin store today. Wow!!! What gorgeous bags and accessories! The leather on many is so incredibly lightweight and soft. The hand work adds to their appeal for me. The shop is in Chicago, hasn't been open that long and isn't in a really visible location, but they still had several customers so it must have a following.

    I managed to buy a small cosmetic case that is light as a feather. There was a hobo in a purple-ish color that was calling to me, but I sadly had to pass on it.

    Is anyone currently carrying one of this designer's bags?
  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE this line. Makes great belts, bags, and shoes!! All expertly handcrafted and made to last forever.
  11. The bags are superb. they used to sell them in Liberty in London but I dont think we can get them here any more. I almost bought one once but I didnt and i regretted it.
  12. HB bags are so unique and the fact they are totally handmade makes me crave one since a couple of years ago.
    I think that the level of quality is extremely high, compared to the price.
  13. i love beguelin bags although i haven't got one til today
  14. ^^Really? Reveal, reveal!!

    Thanks for reviving the thread, Boxermom! :graucho: And Boxermom, show us your cosmetic case!
  15. That's a GREAT bag!