Henry Begeulin Bags?

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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about this manufacturer? I'm usually a Hermes/Chole/Coach fan, but my friend has a couple of these and they're GORGEOUS! Thanks!
  2. Indeed, they are gorgeous bags....handmade, unusual and just incredible leathers. Here's their website:

    Enjoy. I've always wanted one of their bags.....my time will come.
    I have a pair of their boots and am absolutely besotted!
  3. Uh oh, Boots?
    Thanks for the info!
  4. i love them too! they have a store in nyc and i know you can also order some styles online from nm. they are expensive but very well made and really age beautifully!
  5. LOVE LOVE those. I would be so happy to buy one someday. Maybe if I stay on a ban for a while. I have looked at those bags alot.
  6. WOW!! Gorgeous bags!!!! I'd love to see one in real life!!
  7. I have a few, lizavet. I have some from the Henry Beguelin line and some from their smaller, Henry Cuir line before the split.

    They're fantastic bags. They don't really seem to age. The leather is very fine, and the ones I've got are mostly to completely hand stitched.

    If I'm not mistaken, you have at least one Massai? I love my Massais, but there are lots of cases where I'll grab one of my Henry bags instead, because they're so much easier to use.

    There's a store in Chicago, I think. I know there's one in Aspen, and that one's very easy to work with.
  8. Ok, that's it, I'm on a ban until I find the right Beguelin....looking for a buckskin color, but a blue one appeared on Ebay today. And it's gorgeous.
  9. i love henry beguelin...
    i laso love henry cuir :
    In 1997 Henri Beguelin sells his company and the name "Henri beguelin" and starts a new activity under the name of "Henri Cuir" where the first line of products is put on display in the Show Room of Via Arena in 19.
    All "Henri Cuir" articles are made with natural leathers, "sellaio" sewed using strings of different colours and enriched with murrhines, coral, amber, silver, bronze, etc.
    The softness of materials used and teh choice of colours make sure that all the items produced by the hand of this artist are something which every woman would want

  10. I loooove Henry Cuir! I have trouble though bringing myself to pay so much for one, though...they kind of seem overly simple for the price tag.:confused1:
  11. I am completely in love with one of these listed by Ann's Fabulous Finds. It is on sale, somebody go buy it so I won't. This thread is NOT helping at all! I DON'T want another brown bag, I don't, I don't! But this one, oh, so very nice. Henry Cuir, off to check out that name now.

  12. Kathyy -
    Yup....aren't there a couple on Ann's FF???? IKWYM.......I was tempted too, but really, do I need another brown bag??

    Here's a photo of a bag that I absolutely fell in love with - but of course didn't buy cuz of the $$$....photo courtesy of NM....

    It's called the Nuage tote.....price is about $1,300. It was offered late last Summer/Fall 07.........
    Drool :girlsigh:
  13. Beguelin is the best...Me love them long time!