Henri Bendel Keyfobs on LV

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  1. I really wanted a cute keyfob for my LV's and though I lovelovelove the LV ones I didn't really want to spend the money, so I decided to try finding a cheaper option. It was so hard finding one that matched the light gold hardware, looked good on both Ebene and Monogram AND was something I liked! I looked at Kate Spade and Coach, on eBay and Etsy... nada. Finally I found Henri Bendel and the PERFECT fob, my initial in a beautiful shade of red! I found it here: click and attached is a photo of it on my Neverfull! It even came with an adorable little dustbag! So if anyone wants a slightly cheaper fob that still looks amazing, try HB!

    PS it matches the hardware almost perfectly, I don't know why the photo is washing out the gold...

  2. Cute! Dust bag is adorable lol
  3. I have the Henri Bendel Lipstick charm. It looks great with my ebene. I sometimes use it on my Delightful Gm. I think your charm is adorable!!
  4. So cute! Thanks for the link, I'm going to check that out...I love Henri Bendel accessories. :biggrin:
  5. So cute, looks great on your bag! Thanks for the info., I have a couple LV charms, but I also have a few non-LV key fob charms that I found on eBay!
  6. Just saw the lipstick key fob, it's adorable!!! :smile:
  7. This is such a wonderful idea for a charm.
    I love making bags personal with one initial :tup: