Henna hair dye?

  1. can anyone recommand a good brand of henna hair coloring product? and please share your experience with henna hair dye. I'm thinking to dye my hair without chemical damage, thanks for helping ~ ! :smile:
  2. Well, I once tried dying my hair with natural henna powder (I bought it at a local market, they sell all kinds of herbs and natural stuff) but it didn't do anything to my hair. I don't know if a specifically designed henna dye will do a better job, but do keep us posted!
  3. i know that Lush offers a henna dye...but i dont know how good it is, i was thinking of trying it but it looks like way too much work.
  4. i love the henna dye from lush but it is a bit messy and takes a while. i use the brown and leave it on for about an hour and a helf to get a nice deep colour. i used to use it loads. be sure u havent used a chemical hair dye in the last 3 or 4 months though or your hair could turn out green or orange depending on the colour henna you use.