Henna from LUSH

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  1. anyone use it ??/ what are your thoughts..
    I have never used henna before but friends are saying its a good way to color hair..
    so just wondering as I wondered into the store and they had a whole display of henna there !
  2. Woman in my part of the world have been coloring hair with henna from centuries, haven't really seen the henna from lush but we make our own mixture and it leaves hair colored a nice color and soft too. But I guess it does depend on the quality of the henna mixture and hair type
  3. I think YouTube might have some videos on Lush Henna. I like Lush products and in the Lush magazines their henna and the process does look very easy to do and the end results seem very pretty. Guess it would depend on what color you pick and your hair color to make sure you are going to end up with results that make you happy.
  4. My advice is to make sure that the formula (once you mix the hot water in it) is like a whipped cream texture. Also, the hotter the formula the brighter the colour or more intense. For a redder tone wrap your hair with cling film, for a darker tone don't wrap it.
  5. I've used the Lush Henna. It's messy but didn't harm my hair in anyway. I love their products.
  6. Hello,
    I haven't use Henna from Lush But really would love to try once coz i saw the info about this and i think it is great to my also so i am definitely goanna use it...
  7. I am really tempted to try their "caca noir," the black/blue. Haven't taken the chance yet though.
  8. Anxious to try but heard it needs to stay in hair for many hours