Hemorrhoids! (ugh)

  1. Ok, we talk about everything here so here goes this, anyone had surgery to repair them? If so which surgery did you have and how long was recovery and was it worth it? I am the point that I am pretty sure I have no choice as I can't imagine living with the pain much longer. I an a stage IV. Any advice would be wonderful, I am going to dr on Friday (if I can make it that long) and want to know everything I can possibly find out before I go so I know exactly what questions to ask.

    Thank you in advance for any info.
  2. My mom and aunt have gotten it done, my mom regrets it. They basically remove that gland however from what I understand, you aren't able to hold it in anymore. If you are feeling like you've gotta go... you REALLY have to just go.

    Have you tried the tucks pads? or they h ave these things that are basically oil capsules you insert.
  3. I use the Ph pads as well as the cream, but part of mine is probably hereditary from my wonderful father, (weren't the eyes enough?) and the problem is just getting consistently worse, to the point I can't go through a day without pain and/or bleeding. I have read there are possibilities of incontenence following surgery and this is my biggest fear.
  4. i have no advice, but i wish you well :flowers:
  5. My friends husband had surgery about 15 years ago and she said he never had a problem after it. So I think it does work. She never mentioned any problems and she is one to talk about every medical thing going on with her whole family.
  6. After 4 pregnancies, mine have been a problem (bleeding mainly and especially when travelling can be frightful) My gastroenterologist prescribed supposotories and cream which keeps things pretty much under control. The over the counter stuff doesn't work. Try everything else before surgery, but do what you have to do to feel better. Good luck!
  7. SuzyZ, I had my dr appt on Friday and got the suppositories and cream scrips, and they have helped some. But I also got myself an appt with the surgeon. The dr says it looks (this was pleasant) to be a must. Now which surgery (I am leaning towards the stapelling method) Feline as I have read the most encouraging words on this method.

    So if anyone has had this done or any of you dr's have performed it could you let me know what to expect?

    Thanks everyone for your kinds words!!
  8. My husband had it done last year. He's now on a new diet and healing process was very promising.
  9. good luck and take care :smile: