Hemming pants for flats or heels? Pls Help!!

I'm 5'3" and always struggle when I have to decide to hem my pants, do I go shorter to wear with flats or longer to wear with heels?? I prefer my heel-length pants to be long such that they actually cover my shoe/heel so they can not be worn with flats.

I just bought a pair of wide legged, flowy Elie Tahari pants - great summer wear, but can't decide if they should hemmed for flats or heels? With heels, it would make my frame look taller but I love the casual flats with wide legged pants.....HELP!!


Jul 23, 2007
I struggle with the same dilemma. I was on my way to the cleaners to have my jeans hemmed, but like yourself I couldn't figure out if I should do heels or flats. I always seem to be hemming my pants for heels... high heels at that.

So tomorrow when I get my pants hemmed, I have decided to bring two pairs of shoes, a flat and a not so high heel. Then having the pants hemmed to a length where I can wear both pairs of the shoes comfortably with the pants. I hope that makes sense?

I'll let you know how it goes.


windy city
Dec 12, 2008
I usually hem all my jeans for flats and I'm 5'2. I'm not much of a heel girl but when I do wear them I go all out and wear a nice dress instead! Most of my dress pants are hemmed for heels and I have a couple pairs of seven for all mankind & citizens for heels though!
^^ I wish I was happy with that, but I'm so ridiculously picky about the length of my pants (I like them really long, especially with heels). Good luck!

Same here, I like my heeled pants really long too! Long enough that they almost touch the floor. I normally hem my pants to wear with heels especially jeans, I just cuff them to wear with flats

Anyways, I guess it would help if I better described these particular pants. They are wide legged, medium rise, black with a bit of elastic stretch feel. Not sure if that helps.


Chic, not cheap.
Feb 6, 2007
I have this same problem - I can't stand it when my trousers are too short (or I think they're too short) for my shoes. I like them to drape well over the front of the foot, even in flats.

I generally hem jeans for flats and everything else for heels (and jeans are hemmed about 1cm longer than flat to the floor in barefeet).


Dec 29, 2006
With me, I depends on what shoes I will wear with pants/slacks. I love my jeans and slacks to cover the shoe or basically touching the ground so I always go for that look. I have a pair that is too long and will have to have those tailored tomorrow but idea of buying two pair for heels and flats is a great idea.


couch potato-ing
Jun 11, 2007
when i wear the boot cut jeans....i have two pairs..one for heels and one for flats.
but for the skinnies...i just have one pair which looks fine with either flats or heels.
if work pants...def for heels.