helsinki in january?

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  1. it won't be big but.. i think we should finally do it :graucho:

    i'll arriving in the evening of the 23rd and staying until the afternoon of the 28th, so 24/25/26/27th would all be good for me. is anybody else available?
  2. I'm in :lol: and have no plans so far for that week, so any day is fine with me.
    I wonder if we are able to find place big enough for the meeting :graucho: :roflmfao:
  3. hmm, i wonder if the hartwall arena might be available :confused1: :roflmfao:
  4. Maybe I should contact Harkimo and inquire about the availability :roflmfao: ...actually, he's a perfect example of a sugar daddy and I think I'm the only single gal in our huge group :graucho:
  5. hands off, he's mine :hysteric::graucho:


    he's not as hot as mr. lau though :sad:
  6. Sad but so true:p but then I'm not a tall, anorectic blond either :roflmfao:
  7. :lol:

    actually you can have him, i think aatos erkko might be more my type :graucho:
  8. omg :roflmfao: he would have the means to be a great sugar daddy, but might be too old fashioned finnish old man to buy the idea, maybe one of his sons? Oh no, they're too young...:supacool:

    We sorely need Nola and her sensible posts here now :lol:
  9. how old are his sons? :graucho:

    :lol: yes, some sensible posts might be needed here :roflmfao:
  10. If you accept non-Hermès owning members, I'd be glad to join, but I'm totally cool if you want to keep it all Hermès. I can unfortunately only join if the meeting takes place during the weekend. P.s I think Aatos is childless and his sister's children are already married, with kids of their own. Too bad, maybe we can come up with something else.
  11. of course we do :biggrin: maybe i'll fashion a bag out of some scarves for the meet so i don't have to stick out :roflmfao: i haven't bought a bag yet either!
  12. Of course you are welcome, Polaremil!!:yes:
    Maybe we should take some extra H scarves along, so everyone looks appropriate in the pics :p

    that was bad news about Aatos, must check the list of the richest Finns again...:push:
  13. i was looking for it but i couldn't remember where it was :lol:

    well, rumour is that kimi and jenni aren't doing so well.. too bad he's a bit :throwup:
  14. Haa, haa, don't get me started on Kimi and Jenni, our very own Becks and Posh (the day SHE sports a Hermès I'll cry blood).

    So, would the 26th or 27th suit you? Where do you wanna meet?
  15. either of those two would be perfect :yes: but maybe the 26th would be slightly better in case we feel like shopping :graucho:

    lol, it always cracks me up when i see a feature on her "style" and she's wearing some jeans with crystals and a pink dolce&gabbana logo print top :lol:

    oh, and we should probably keep the location to pm, just in case ;) you never know who might be reading :wtf: