HelpTh I need to return my Kristin hobo and need a new bag


Feb 28, 2010
Warner Robins, GA
I'm fairly new to coach. My hubby bought me the large khaki kristin hobo in siggy and I absolutely love the bag but I'm having many problems with it. I have a heck of a time zipping it. My husband couldn't zip it and we realized that the part of the zipper is crooked. Also the short strap constantly slips off my shoulder. I'm really frustrated because I returned my alex sateen sig tote because the strap peeled nonstop and then picked out this bag thinking there would be no problems. I plan on returning this bag but I want to get a bag that I will be satisfied with. This is my first experience with coach.

Right now I'm looking at the kristin op art tote in turquoise or khaki. I'm also looking at the madison op art carryall in silver/gray or khaki. I'm into very large roomy bags which is why I'm really going to miss the kristin hobo when I return it. Any suggestions. Help!!
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Mar 27, 2009
My only suggestion to you is to take as much time as you need to find the right bag. The hobo bags are slightly curved, with less structure, so zipping and unzipping is a bit different. A satchel-type of bag might be more of your style. Also, in terms of straps fallng off of your shoulder, think about the width of the strap, sometimes I find wider straps fit on my shoulder better! Have you also thought about getting a bag with a crossbody strap? That might suit you more.
Most importantly, take your sweet time in the boutique, and try on every single bag you find appealing. you'll be glad you did. Hope that helps!


Nov 28, 2008
I just bought the turquiose op art tote. I love it, such a nice color and so roomy. You might want to try it on, though. The straps are kind of wide, and though I haven't really worn mine yet (I had to return it and get a new one because it was fraying in a small spot) I found it was hard to keep both straps on the shoulder comfortably. I don't really mind though. Try them on first!