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  1. My husband just got me the Alma PM in the dark cherry wood color. I always wanted it in the GM but apparently they discontinued it and the bag itself. Do I keep this bag or exchange it for something else???
    Please help!!!
  2. The GM is ENORMOUS! Keep the PM. It's the perfect size. But yes, if you don't like it then definitely exchange it for something else.
  3. Alma pm is classic but small. If you liked it in the GM, i doubt you will ever like the small. Just tell your hubby, i'm sure he'll want you to get what you want and be happy with it
  4. This. The GM is sooo big that you will end up only using it as a briefcase or an overnight bag
  5. The GM is a huge bag, almost bordering on luggage, and has unfortunately been discontinued due to the lack of demand. While the PM is smaller it's still a good size...take a few days to sleep on it and if you're still on the fence then talk to your hubby about exchanging for something a bit larger.
  6. I have two GM Almas and love them. I do not like the PM for myself. The smallest I could do is the MM which was also reduced in size a few years ago then discontinued recently IIRC. I hear that big bags are making a comeback though.
  7. What about the Alma BnB in the red? Is that similar to the Cherrywood?
  8. I do love the bag. Do you guys think it is a good buy. Like a classic purchase? One that I would be happy with for a while?
  9. The Alma is a gorgeous classic. Coco Chanel herself owned an Alma.

    The GM is enormous. Keep the PM.
  10. Definitely. The Alma PM is the epitome of a LV Classic, or any classic for that matter. I think the PM is a great size. Is the bag you're referring to the Vernis Amarante?
  11. Yes that is exactly the bag I am referring too. It is a keeper. Thank you guyssss
  12. I have a GM (used to be MM) and I think it is a very different look compared with pm. GM is just so full of power. Pm is more elegant and ladylike. It is up to you, but if you really like GM, I don't think you will be happy with pm.

    My lovely GM:

    FullSizeRender (2).jpg

    Here is PM:

    FullSizeRender (3).jpg
  13. I love your collection.

    I am stuck on now wanting to return it since they do not seem to be making them anymore. It is like winning a collectors item :smile:
  14. Gorgeous! I love my GM's to death. I like you have a Vernis and an Epi Alma. :love:
  15. I saw the MM and I think it's a perfect size. The PM is too small. I heard they dot make the MM anymore.
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