Helpppppp !!!!! :(

  1. Hi, I bought a miu2 handbag from a seller in the US. I am in Australia. It arrives and I think it is fake and I send it back to her. She keeps on saying she hasnt received it, that it normally takes a while to arrive etc etc. It is now over 90 days and I just found out that I could not open a dispute or report anything & that the item id was not kept after these periods. I paid via paypal, but it says that to report via paypal, I need to report the transaction within 45 days after I paid.

    Does anyone ever experience a similar situation and advice what I could do?

    Thanks I am desperate :crybaby:
  2. Well since the time to open a claim has passed, perhaps you could file a claim with your credit card... that is, if you paid via a credit card through paypal.
  3. File a claim with your CC, but you will have to prove that you sent it with tracking info and that tracking info will have to say that she received the item.
  4. International transactions can be tracked since they've to go through customs. There is a number on the custom form you can plug in and track from Give that a try.

    File with your credit card company after you get ahold of that info. Good luck.
  5. Your only option now is to file a complaint with your credit card company. Did you send it with insurance or by express international? Both those methods provide a tracking number which will prove the seller has received the item. The seller was just stringing you along...grrr... it's too late with paypal, but your cc company should still be able to help.
  6. Hi all, thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it as I am just desperate at the moment. And the saddest thing is she seems really nice.....I have sold and bought on eBay a lot and didnt even know about the 90 days eBay & 45 days paypal policy. So partly is my fault for not noticing it.

    I sent via australia post, fully insured for the price I paid for the bag. And yes, I paid with cc through paypal.

    I read in this forum about claiming through cc company. Anyone here can clarify further how this could be done? just because she was the one selling & the payment gone through & in her account now. I returned the bag. So what do I say to my cc company? I dont want to sound like a moroon when I call them.....
  7. If you sent by fully insured airmail, then it's trackable. Have you contacted Australia Post to get them to track the package? You still have the receipt? If so, you can track it at It won't tell you much, but it's a start. Call Australia Post and file a complaint for them to track it. That way you can find out if the package was indeed lost. If so, you can get the insurance.

    To file a complaint with the credit card company, you'll have to call them too. You'll have to fill out some forms. Tell them you sent the item back to the seller but the seller won't refund you.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!
  8. I agree.Sue your credit card account.Once they get the stick they will do whatever they can to save their back.And yes haven't you heard anything about paypal that you still use it as the payment processor????
  9. I tracked with usps. It said that it was delivered on the 31st of August. So I dont think calling filling a complaint to Australia Post is an option?????? Although i sent something from syd to Brisbane via express post once. It says couldnt find address, came back to my post depot & some stranger with an id picked it up. Never knew what happened.
  10. hhhmmm.....but I am at aussieland. I dont know how else I could pay unless via paypal if I want to buy something from the US/UK. Bank transfer is even higher risk.