helpppp!!! major LV dilemmas :(

  1. ok. now i don't know how true this price hike is that everyone's saying is going to happen within the next couple weeks...but here's my problem. right now, i am saving up for like 5 things at once...otherwise it would only be 1 thing but my LV addiction has gotten in the way. i'm going away on a cruise in march, which is the main thing i'm saving for right now. or should be the main thing. i have had enough money saved for my damier azur speedy for the past 2 months and that money was reserved for the speedy, until i heard about this price hike.

    i, like many others, am still waiting for the speedy. what i was planning to do was wait it out and buy it when it came, continue to work and watch my bank account accumulate some cash. then, by the time i leave for my trip, i would have enough (hopefully) to also go buy my keepall, and pay my dad the amount he wants for my trip. but now with this price hike, i'm wondering if it would be better for me to go ahead and buy the keepall before the price goes up to avoid having to pay 2 price increases? because i doubt the azur speedy will be here before the prices go up, so i would only have to pay 1 price increase if i buy the keepall now. but then again, i don't want the azur speedy to come within the next couple weeks and then not have enough to buy him, thus having to wait longer for him :crybaby:

    also, does anyone know if LV replaces snaps, like on wallets and stuff? i know it would probably just get all scratched up again, but the scratched up snap on my wallet drives me nuts.

  2. I'm in the same situation. I had my money reserved for my Damier Azur Speedy 25, but I don't think it'll come before the price increase. I've been on the waitlist for over a month now! :cursing: I'm wondering if I should buy the Roxbury Drive in pomme d'amour before the price increase, but if I do and my azur speedy comes soon after, I wont have enough money left over to buy it and I'll have to go on the waitlist again when I have the money! :cursing:
  3. i would get the keepall, since the price difference will be greater on the keepall than the speedy after the price increase. have fun on vacation!
  4. i would get the keepall first
    since its quite $$$, when the price increase, the amount of money is much more than a speedy
    the demand of azur speedy is high, everywhere in the world have people on the waiting lists for it.....
    i think its won't come in in a few tricks...
  5. Yeah I'd get the Keepall first.
    And yes, LV will replace snaps etc.
  6. Does anyone know the percentage increases of the prior price hikes? Thanks.
  7. bahhh. ok. i wish we knew when the increase was coming :sad: i'd like to wait as long as i possibly can in order to get some more money in my account. i guess my mom could always it's the least she can do. if she wasn't coming on this trip with me i wouldn't have to pay for my cruise at all, as it is my spring break, not hers. but since she's coming, dad would have to pay double for both of us to go, so iiiiii get stuck paying my way. there's just too much i want right now!
  8. vuittonamour-get the keep all first so at least u avoid price increase on that for sure, also may i suggest u get it from Ebate+ Eluxury? If you purchase from Elux, not only will u save tax (unless ur in NY or TN), but it also give you SIXTY days for return/exchange instead of the 14 day from regular LV store? Did you know you can also waitlist on Elux for Azur? The live rep, Lorriane, put me on the list, it's how i got mine^^
  9. yes, waitlisted with eluxury too. i heard wait times would be less. i kinda doubt that but i'm doing everything i can to get my hands on that bag asap! and i would go elux+****** with the keepall...if they had the one i want in stock. i want a 45 without the shoulder strap. it looks like it's been a while since any of the keepalls have been re-stocked. but i had a GC + ****** for my BH...i paid a total of $650 for it when the retail price was $750, AND got $25 back! so i got my brand new BH for only $625 :biggrin: it was awesome. lol.