helpppp, i don't know where to purchase from!

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  1. okay. so when i first saw the runway collection in nyc back in july, on a whim i decided i must have bordeaux speedy. SA pulled out the form and got all my information and i originally had every intention of purchasing from the nyc store, and my regular SA. without hearing much from my SA upon release this week, i called the atlantic city store in which i had waitlisted on back up just incase. the manager first told me the release date was still saturday but then called me back and told me i was right and that it had been moved up, and they had a bordeaux on hold for me.

    regular SA from nyc calls and tells me they do not have the bordeaux right now but probably would be getting one later this week. i tell her i'm not sure where i am purchasing from and she sounds a little :sad: by it. i tell her to call me and let me know if they get one before friday. fastforward to today. she calls to tell me they have one and that they could ship it out and waive shipping. i don't want to wait, i want TOMORROW as that is the date i planned all week to have it. this is a birthday present, and mom wants me to purchase where it will be cheaper because it went up $70. that may not seem like a lot after spending so much on a bag, but it does add up. it would be cheaper to buy in new jersey because of less sales tax, but shipping it from nyc would also allow me to pay new jersey sales tax. i'd rather go to the store and pick it up because if i'm spending that much i want the experience of leaving the store with it, but it will cost more to purchase from nyc and it would cost me $$ to take the train and get up there to buy it. it's also father from me than the atlantic city store is. i just hate how SA sounded when i told her i might just go get it at the other store, and even if i do decide to purchase from nyc, she's off tomorrow and won't be there tomorrow when i'd be going to get it.

    what would you do? :confused1: i don't want my regular SA to be upset with me :sad:
  2. I would wait for my SA to sell it to me. But if you want it tomorrow get it from atlantic city.
  3. I think it depends on how you you want to handle it,save money and time or buy from your SA. Im sure she could sell the bag in a heartbeat with the waiting lists, but if you feel like you are being unloyal just get it from her.I would do whats best for myself.
  4. You've been without this bag since Sept 10th.
    Buy it in NJ, your home state, since it's will be much cheaper....
    Since this was your goal to save the additional $70, do what will save you the most $$, as LV sneakily increased the price on us!!
    Besides, before you know it, it will be with you...still BEFORE your birthday!!! (and mom will certainly be happy you saved her some $$)!!!
  5. ^^^ it would cost me about $50 more just to buy from nyc. i think it's better to put that money towards buying something else LV once i go back and buy more in the wintertime. i'd might just go to nyc tomorrow if she was going to be there but if i'm not buying directly from her then i don't see a point. i think it's better just to buy from atlantic city.
  6. this is a toughie, I prob go with who had it first which would be altlantic city they have held it for a few days for you NY have only just got it BUT I would check first that atlantic city still have it on hold if not then you still have NY as back up
  7. I think you ought to go with the one that had the Speedy first for you. This is really a tough choice and I know exactly how you feel. I waitlisted for my silver Miroir Lockit in two stores and I had to choose the store that had it first. My regular SA was somewhat upset with me because she had told all the customers that the Lockits were already sold out (one was mine) but when I called her about it the day before the launch date, she still didn't receive shipment of their 1 gold/2 silvers. So when my SA at the other store called to say that she had the Lockit for me, well, I had to go with whoever received the bag first.

    In your case, your regular SA will be upset anyway you look at it and since she won't be there if you decide to pick it up, I think you should go to the Atlantic City since they had it first for you and it would be cheaper to get it there. Your regular SA will be okay eventually and you can still purchase more stuff from her in the future.

    Good luck!!! I picked mine up today and it is a beauty!!!!
  8. I say you go for the store that had it for you first which is also the one thats cheaper for you correct? I don't think you should make a hassle of going out of your way to get the bag...either way one of the 2 sa's are gonna offer it to someone else anyway.

  9. yep. i called atlantic city before i called my SA in nyc back. they do still have it on hold for me. i told my SA i'm not sure what i'm doing, but if there was something wrong with the one in atlantic city i'd def. come up to nyc and get it.
  10. It's so great that you'll be able to pick up your bag in a couple of days! And I wish that the experience didn't have to have the added stress of worrying about being disloyal to an SA. I really think that since you are the one spending around 2k of hard-earned money, you should buy wherever is most convenient for you. There is no sense in spending another $50-70 just to make an SA happy, plus you will be able to get the bag by the day you want/need to have it. Since LV employees don't earn commission, its not like you are taking money out of her pocket by buying in NJ instead.

    BTW: I like to think that SA's should be the ones worrying about keeping us happy as their clients, not the other way around. ;)
  11. good point.
  12. personally, i would purchase from my SA. but in my case i have to travel to get to the store i regularly shop at, so waiting is always the norm for me. my SA does a lot for me and i would feel really crappy if i went behind her back and got an LE elsewhere.

    i hope that your nyc SA doesn't take it personally and make things difficult for you in the future if you do decide to purchase the speedy in nj. maybe, in the future tell her that you're planning on WL at another store just to be safe, i think any nice SA would understand.
  13. ^^^ i doubt she will make it difficult, i have had to purchase my stuff from another SA there recently because she was on vacation or not in the store when i planned to visit. so i came home with a belt and exhanged an agenda i bought from her to another one that just came out (t&b). that's not really my fault she wasn't there, and if i want it i'm going to buy it. but if she's not there i go through another girl who is just awesome. and because of the combination of working with the two of them the manager now knows who i am and has had items held for me thinking they may be of interest to me. so i feel kinda bad, but i think it is in my best interest to purchase from atlantic city. i sorta know the manager there too (she lives in my area and came into my work this summer, then i saw her at the store and started talking to her) so really i'd rather buy from nyc but don't have a problem buying from atlantic city. the rest of my stuff will be bought from nyc though as long as they can get it. i just don't want to wait for my mirage, or pay more for it just to get it from that store when my SA won't even be there when i pick it up.
  14. I don't wait well so I would go to NJ, but that's just me. It seems like you have a good relationship with your SA and she will find another person to sell the mirage to. This kind of thing happens and you were smart to find a backup. If the NY store sends it to you, you won't have the chance to look it over either. That's a lot of money to spend on something you didn't get to inspect first.
  15. Buy from whatever store suits your needs. You are the customer.