helppp :x

  1. Happy thanksgiving Ladies :]

    Still trying to decide on whether or not i should exchange my Black studded gallary purse for the medium carly, i dont want to go to macys and decide i dont want her...blah lol we all know how busy the malls are gonna be tomorrow!! Does anyone have pics of medium carly on their shoulder?!

    oh and is the khaki/brown carly out yet?
  2. The medium carly is smaller than the studded tote, just so you know!
    you can have the khaki/chocolate carly ordered as far as I the red book they have at the counter (@ boutiques).

    Honestly, after having a large Carly and trying on the studded tote at Nordie's, I'd rather have another Carly than the tote - it was uncomfortable and fell off my shoulder a lot. :-/