Helppp This Poor Soul

  1. Im not good with english. How do you say vernis? Like ver-nee, verne, ver-nees????? And Trouville? and maybe any other word I would need to know? Thank you
  2. I had always pronounced it "vur-nis". I had always how you pronounced Damier. Is it "duh-meer" or "dah-myay"? I am clueless! Welcome to the forum!
  3. Good question! I called Vuitton a while back asking about the mirror/ metallic bags ths fall and said it Ver-nis. When the lady on the other end replied, she pronounced it Ver-nay. I think you pronounce Trouville tro-vil. No clue though!
  4. Vernis: Ver-nee
    Damier: Dam-yay

    Hope that helps.
  5. Yeah. It's like "Ver-nee" and for Damier I just say "Dah-me-yay." I say Trouville as Valley said, "Tro-vill" All my pronunciations have come from hearing the SA's say them lol.
  6. i could be wrong but i say ver-nee too :P.......although i don't feel too bad mispronouncing things because it seems that some of the SA's don't even know the names of the bags they're selling and give me a blank stare when i ask for a specific thing (shame on them :hrmm:)
  7. things you learn on PF forum everyday! good thing I didn't blur out VER-NIS in the LV boutique..:shame:
  8. I listen to SAs, too. Sometimes, though, they prounce stuff wrong.
  9. Papillon: pap-e-yon

    Studied French for five years and the only time it comes in handy is pronouncing LV stuff.
  10. what a great thread! I've always wondered where I'm saying all those right or not and apparently not, after reading this thread. I just always point and ask "can i see that one".
  11. my SA in Hollywood pronounces Vernis - Vehr-niece.. yet my SA in SCP says it's Vehr-nee (cuz the S is silent in french unless followed by a vowel).

    and Trouville - true-ville. :smile:

    we should make a thread on pronunciations for ALL the bags.. at least, all the important ones.
  12. I second on that. :amuse: :amuse: Anyone here experts??;)
  13. Where's Ayla when you need her? :P
  14. Like I said on the other thread, a while back I saw somewhere on the net a guide on how to pronounce the names, I thought it was but I looked and couldn't find it, it was a list of all the names with their pronouciations!!! :sad2:
  15. Wow. Thanks everyone. Your good help.