HELPPP!! Store shipped wrong shoes!

  1. Hi ladies, I need help here. This is my first time purchasing from Barneys via an SA and the SA sent me the wrong shoe!:pout::pout:How do I deal with returns?:sad:..Can I exchange them for the style that I wanted? Thank you in advance!!
  2. I would call right away and let them know they shipped the wrong shoe to you.
  3. Hi mws, I've been trying to reach the SA but he's not picking up. Does Barneys give refunds, allow exchanges or gives store credits? TIA!!
  4. Yes to all three - if they're sale shoes, their return policy is 30 days. It shouldn't matter, though, since they sent you the wrong shoes. I'm sure that they'll be happy to take them back for a return or an exchange.
  5. Thank you CocoB, will try to reach the store again...hopefully the SA will pick up. :-s:cry:...
    after 2 weeks of waiting...:tdown::tdown:
  6. I would just call the store and talk to a manager if you can't get a hold of the SA.
  7. Sorry to hijack the thread, but what ended up happening with your Lady Peep fiasco?
  8. I wasn't getting anywhere with the "girl in the office" and my SA so I finally got in contact with the Store Manager. Everything was refunded including shipping charges. :smile:
  9. I got a refund!! But the shoes I wanted are goneeee :sad: . thank you ladies.
  10. that stinks!