Helppp!! Spilled water inside my GP!!!

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  1. Hi guys,
    I need some advice ... My GP is wet now. Do you think I should use a hairdryer to dry the leather inside or just leave it to dry by itself?

    Thanks heaps :smile:
  2. i would stuff the bag with a towel and put one under the bag!
  3. thanks missmarbella :smile:

    I called H and told my SA what had happened and she said to just wipe it with towel and dry it with light hairdyer not too close to the leather part. It works wonder!!! GP the best :tup: no worries at all ... unbelievable.

    Btw, I am leaving for Switzerland early september (hopefully according to the plan :p) and will be visiting geneva and zurich ... are H over there more expensive than the rest of europe? I'll be stopping over Milan at the end of the trip ... just wondering if i should wait to visit H store till i get to milan ...
  4. Fabulous that it all worked out for you.
  5. I lived in Geneva for a year when I was in grad school. At that point thought, I was not in the market for Hermes bags. As I remember, EVERYTHING in Switzerland is expensive. However, as they are not EU, you should check on the Swiss Franc vs. the Euro
  6. i live in geneva and with the current exchange rate of the euro, it could be quite cheap for you to buy there. that, plus the sales tax is much lower than in the rest of europe.
  7. Thanks birkincurious and sputnik for the info. I will check that out. I heard that everything is expensive over there and you dont buy watch over there coz its more expensive than buying the same watch in other EU country :p I will check the currency exchange and see if its has similar prices to the rest of EU. If not then i still have my chance while visiting Milan :smile:

    Does anyone here buy Birkin or Kelly from Zurich or Geneva store? How much roughly the price over there?