Helppp - My Tory Burch flats are killing me :(

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  1. I've been loving how comfortable these look forever (reva flats), I was on the waiting list for patent at Holt's but then decided to get a new pair from Ebay because I really wanted just plain leather and Holt's wasn't expecting a shipment of them. They came, and I love them, but maybe my feet are too wide? They don't hurt my toes at all, but they kill at the spot where the toe material joins at the side material, right near the bottom of the pinky toe there. It just feels really, really tight right in that spot.

    These are brand new, so I'm wondering, since these are the regular leather, do they stretch a bit wider?

    I even heard to upsize half a size to avoid that pain, and I did, but it still hurts.
    I really don't want to sell them, they're so cute and look like they have the potential of being amazingly comfy.
  2. Tory Burch flats hurt me too, even when I just try them on in the store. And my feet are not even wide either. I prefer Salvatore Ferragamo's Varina flats for comfort and style.
  3. Ohhh no, I'm sorry! :sad: I love, love my TB flats, and my leather ones are probably my comfiest out of every high end and otherwise flat I own (Lanvin, Ferragamo, Miu Miu, etc. etc.). Maybe you could try throwing athletic socks on and stuffing your feet into the flats? Leather has more give, so it's possible a few wears will help break 'em in too... and the sock trick might hasten that process. :P Good luck... I hope they end up being comfy for you. :flowers:
  4. I got a pair on sale and I love them, but I have exactly the same problem - and do not have wide feet. I put a band-aid on when wearing them and it solves the problem. Perhaps you could take them to a cobbler and get them stretched?
  5. i agree. getting them stretched would be the best idea - everyone's feet fit differently i guess the revas were just slightly narrower for some of us. :sad:
  6. I have a pair of Coach flats which kill my feet for no good reason but I found a solution though. Hue makes these little ped-like things which are really sleek so that if you're careful when putting them on, they won't show at all. I can't remember what they're called, I bought them at Macy's, but it makes my flats fit like a dream.
  7. Tory Burch Revas tend to stretch out a LOT. I had a pair of black 8's that were fine when I first bought them, but stretched so much they'd slip off my feet. So I bought a 7.5 and those were perfect at first but now are a bit loose as well. They just need a little bit of breaking in. I agree with trying the sock trick that fiery suggested!
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  8. I have a pair of the patent ones and they hurt a little bit too. It's not that bad so i still wear them.
    Perhaps you can get some padding to put in.
  9. Some people have reported problems with the patents. I didn't have any issues with mine, but I'd suggest stockings or padding yourself with band-aids until they're comfy. I hope this issue gets resolved. I couldn't live without my patent contrast revas!
  10. I've worn my new Reva leather shoes twice and the second time was killing me!!! I bought them big but they still hurt! I think I will bring them to a shoe cobbler and have them stretched a bit in the toe area. I got the mouse grey color and love them but I've never had shoes hurt so much!!! (Beauty is pain!!! LOL)
  11. I've owned two pairs of Revas, one leather and one patent. The leather I sized up a half size and they were still too narrow for my wide feet but I found that if I size up a whole size they go past the wide part and look okay. After stretching my leather ones they felt much better, however the back part got scruffed up really badly because they were too long for my feet. My patent pair kills my feet. Not to be all gross and talk about my feet but I swear those damn patent Revas have caused my bunioin ( I know, I know sorry taboo word) to grow! One day I wore them at work where I primarily stand for the whole 8 hours then I wore them for 5 hours after just shopping around and the next day my foot was swollen in the area. Pretty nasty. Hopefully you're not in the same situation I am in but I've talked to some coworkers and they went through the same thing with flats! I have since bought a pair of Converses bc I just can't take the pain from the patents.
  12. My friend just wasn't able to wear the Revas - like the part where the medallion was just rubbed against her toes so much. Perhaps you are just one of the few that just find them really uncomfortable ! :sad:
  13. I have a ton of Revas and they were all tight initially, but as I wore them they stretched out. The patent ones I can't wear because they hurt my feet too badly. I bought my own shoe stretchers and tend to put those in my Revas overnight before wearing and it speeds up the breaking-in process. HTH!
  14. I own a few Tory Burch flats and the only ones that seem to be most comfortable are the Reese Ballet Flats and the Romy Flats. I think it's the "scrunchy" type thing that goes around the foot part (sorry if that doesn't make sense) but I usually go for the "scrunchy" looking ones all around instead of just the "scrunchy" near the heel like the Reva. With my Revas, I stretched them with shoe stretchers. HTH!.
  15. I have 4 pairs of Revas in patent, pony and suede and they all stretched a little. Revas are tricky because they are super comfy for some and painful for others.