Helppp custom tax from australia to us?

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  1. Hi all, I need some help. I have some questions about buying b-bag. I found this deal on b-bag GGH (which sadly will no longer be produced). So I totally have to own it before it's gone, because it is just too gorgeous to miss it out.

    My question is how does the custom tax work? I have two options:

    1) list the real price of the bag on the insurance, and will most probably pay the tax? (how big is the tax rate?)

    2) OR list a lower amount that will enables the bag to not be taxed. I need to know until how much the bag can be priced before it gets taxed? For this option, don't you think it is a bit risky? I'm afraid that they bag may get lost or something. The seller says that she will send the parcel via express shipping with online tracking. Is it safe enough?

    Thank you for your attention. really really appreciate it. :smile:
  2. Oh by the way the bag's price is $1600 and it will be shipped from australia to los angeles.
  3. You may be charged an 'import' fee as per according to your local state &/or federal laws
  4. As far as I know $1000 AUD is still the cut off point.. if you spend more than that, you will be taxed (I think it's at least a couple of hundred bucks)

    I no longer spend a lot of money on bags, but when I did, I used to buy from Aloha Rag. They would mark the bag as a gift and put a much lower amount on the customs info. I never had any problems.

    Some ebay members are willing to do the same, if they are, spend a little extra on the shipping costs, that way you are sure to receive your bag.
  5. ^ I think the bag is being sent from Australia not to it - so any customs/taxes will be on the US side (which will be charged to the OP in this case, if any apply).
  6. I understand that the OP is shipping out of Australia to the US, so the $1000 will not be applicable to her, only her local import duties may be imposed on her (i.e. US Customs may charge her, not Australian)
  7. If you are shipping into the United States, the duty free limit is only $200 USD and it does not matter if you mark it as a gift because imported gifts are also taxable. Couriers such as UPS and FedEx will go out of their way to flag your parcel in customs and make sure you are charged duty and they will add their own handling fee on top of the tax owed to US customs. The handling fees are a huge source of additional profit for those couriers and that is why they do it. The US Postal Service is a lot more lax and they don't charge any handling fees. When shipping via EMS (carried by the US Postal Service when it reaches the USA) or parcel post, it appears to be random whether or not you are charged duty, even if the declared value is over $200 USD. The down side is that EMS and parcel post have poor tracking and are more likely to lose your parcel than FedEx or UPS. Hope that helps.
  8. I think you meant from LA to Australia? :smile:

  9. No one can say for certain if express shipping with online tracking is safe enough as the risk is always there - hence the need of the insurance to cover you and the seller should the item is lost/stolen..Is this with USPS?
    If you are asking the seller to underdeclare the value IMO, you are asking her to do you a big favour..should the bag is lost or stolen (knock wood 3x it will not happen) she will not be covered by not only she doesn't have the item but she will also need to reimburse your money..*from a seller perspective here :P

    If your seller doesn't mind doing so for you, do not declare it ridiculous amount because custom might cease and confiscate the bag (see this thread: )

    I hope this makes sense - GL - I am excited for you :smile:
  10. thank you so much everyone. i'm still debating on buying the bag or not. Since the seller doesn't want to lower the price below $1600. If i need to pay all those costs, i'm probably better off buying the bag in portland where there is no tax there. but this color is rare and it's in GGH (which gonna disappear soon) so i dunno. need to give more thinking. any opinion?