Helpless to stop suspicious listing!

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  1. I've been asking for extra photos of a bag on *Bay UK and the seller has obligingly sent them to me. But I see that the email address they've come from is exactly the same (and it's so unusual it can't be a coincidence) as the ID of almost the only person they've ever sold to before, who left glowing feedback in 2006 :wtf:

    Even before I saw the email address I thought that feedback was suspicious, because buyer and seller left identical feedback wording.

    Phoned eBay, "nothing we can do, use the Report link". There's already a bid on the bag, start price £100.

  2. Could you post the auction link, please, so that we can take a look??
  3. It's not this one, but for your interest I have reported this one to *Bay and to Chanel:

    It's this one:

    S/he sent me photos from an email address which included the ID of the buyer who left 2 glowing feedbacks in Feb 2006.

    I've tried to be ever so sure - I'm dizzy with trying to be sure!

  4. HM... and what did the Chanel authenticators think about the 2nd bag?
  5. Hmmm yes I see what you mean, both feedbacks left for each other are word for word identical.
    Why would a buyer leave feedback of "excellent buyer" to the seller?!
    The only thing you can do is report it to eBay for shill bidding, they'll check it out and if they are the same person (or eBay suspects they are) then they'll do something about it.
  6. I don't think there's enough pics for the 2nd bag to authenticate.
  7. I only reported the first bag to *Bay and Chanel, I had a long stock reply from Chanel, as if I'd had one of my own listings removed and was complaining/asking about getting it reinstated.

    The second bag could be genuine for all I know, but the seller definitely is NOT. I have no grounds to report that one. That's why I phoned *Bay about the seller's historical behaviour, obviously trying to build up feedback by selling to themselves. I fondly imagined that *Bay would ask me to forward the email to them and thus have the evidence to suspend the seller, at least.

    I see that the seller has cancelled one bid. The only problem with the bag itself that stands out to me as a know-nothing is that the snap closure doesn't have Chanel on it, but it is vintage, so they told me on AT when I posted initial "feeler" there to know whether to bother to ask for more photos.


  8. The first bag has been removed. Result!

    The self-seller goes merrily on.