Helpless hubbies? Half amused, half annoyed

  1. So my DH is going to Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan for 2 weeks in a few days...

    After much whining and not so subtle hints, I finally helped him this weekend. I had to:

    Get him a new suitcase
    Sort his clothes, buy some new items to fill in the gaps (I made sure, everything is interchangeable, he will match)
    Purchase gifts for him to take
    Get him an international calling card
    Help him pack (ie did 90% of it)
    Get a car service set up for airport transportation (and he is miffed I am not taking him)

    I had already helped with the plane tix, reservations, travel visas, etc weeks ago.

    What did he do? Got some snacks and gum for the plane ride :Push: .

    I love him, but how can he be so helpless! He is vice president of operations for his company for pete's sake!

    When I went abroad last year, he certainly didn't do any of that for me, nor would I, obviously, want/expect him too.

    Any other hapless husbands out there?
  2. OH...dude...I can soooooooooo RELATE..LMAO.........
    My PHH is completely incapable of all that too....And yep..hes chairman of a dept of a major med school..LOL..DOY!

    My personal fave thing to say to him is...Hey...errr..honey..That thing in the kitchen over called a DISHWASHER......UM....Perhaps if you ever put your dishes in would Know!
  3. I am about to divorce my "helpless hubby". I'm tired of working 50-60 hours a week then going home to be a mother and wife with little to no assistance from him.

    Yes, in the beginnning, it was nice knowing he depended on me, but it has gotten worse over the years. The "cute" factor to his helplessness has worn off.

    I feel like all I am to him is a nanny who raises his child, the maid, his personal assistant, and the accountant. Sorry to sound so bitter, but unfortunately, I am very bitter and angry at the moment....:s
  4. My BF just went overseas to Japan for a conference a week ago and he organised everything himself! Hotels, maps in English and Japanese, phrase books, everything!

    I would be at a complete loss as to how to organise an overseas trip and itinerary!
  5. Twinkie, so sorry to hear that! I must admit, my DH does help with the kids (alot, especially sports stuff...which frees up my Saturday mornings) and some household stuff. He is also very romantic with flowers and notes (just posted about it in romantic thread)...even after 14 years, so thanks for making me take a moment and see I have it pretty good.
  6. ^Sorry about your probs Twinkie.....As much as I complain about my PHH...he is a good egg!!LOL!....This past Saturday..I had BAD dental work and felt HORRIBLE...He took my daughter and a friend of hers out bowling and out for dinner so I could have peace and quiet when I felt horrible..So I have to say I am very lucky to have him.
  7. You're very welcome!:flowers:
  8. Jill, you are super lucky if he still remembers the little things. The bottomline with my husband is that he is immature and oh so selfish....
  9. My DH can be like that sometimes. I'll go along to an extent then draw the line. Like your DH, he is quite capable in his job, he just likes to be taken care of sometimes (he admits this) and I understand that. Sometimes its cute, sometimes its very annoying. When its very annoying I just say no (even though I feel guilty) and he does it himself.

    It sounds like you did way too much for his trip. At least he appreciates it.
  10. that's why he needs you

    remember behind every successful man, is a woman who is exhausted making sure he has shoes tied
  11. Fortunately, my husband is very self-sufficient for things like his own travel or around the house when I'm gone. When we go away together, though, I'm the one who takes care of the details--reservations, when driving-what we pack in the car, stuff like that. It doesn't bother me too much, because I'm a bit of a control freak who wants to know that I have everything I need. He actually would help more on some chores, but I want to do it a certain way (like laundry).
  12. My premarital agreement:

    1) You do your own laundry, I do my own laundry.
    2) I am not your mother.
    3) I cook, you clean.
    4) I am not your mother.
    5) You clean your bathroom, I clean mine.
    6) I am not your mother.
    7) I keep up maintenance on my car, you keep up your maintenance on your car.

    It's been working the past 11 years.:supacool:
  13. ^ LOL @ "I am not your mother" part!!! So true, and funny.
  14. ROFL, I love the, I am not your mother!

    I do try that sometimes....but, I admit I succumb to the path of least resistance, and he knows it.

    Do you think I need a new suitcase, this one is pretty worn? Yes, that's probably a good idea.
    Where should I go? What's a good brand? Do you like this one? Should I just get one piece or a new set? I don't know, go look at them, Macy's, Penny's or even Target has some decent stuff these days. Or just take the my LV...No, I don't want to do that.
    Which store do you think is best? Where is it? What time do they open? Is stock usually good?

    Augh! LOL!
  15. I guess I'm lucky too...
    My Dh is self-sufficient when we travel he takes care of all the major stuff like tickets, reservations... etc...
    I take care of some of the details and the packing.
    At home he does all the heavier tasks and the rest we share.