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  1. I hope this is where I can post this, if not please move to the right place. I'm new to the site and have decided to get involved. I have 2 LV's that I have bought off eBay and have authenticated at the local LV store here in Houston. Well, now I'm on the hunt for a Monogram canvas porte tresor int wallet or the monogram zip wallet. I'd like a gently used one. IS there a place where I can post to get help in my search?
  2. Welcome ~Karen~!!! If you are searching PTI or Zip Wallet through eBay, please post the link, and pix if possible under Authenticate This link found at the top of LV forum, and tPFer will chime in their input as far as authenticity, some might even include comments such as great deal or over the average price. If you would like to search under reputable second hand LV reseller, use "Search this Thread" function to search second hand LV sites, there should be some legit sites in the thread.
    Good luck to your search and welcome to tPF!!!
  3. Thanks. Will the Zipp wallet be floating around. I see tons of PTI on eBay but no Zipp wallets.
  4. Hi Karen and welcome to the Purse Forum!

    Ebay is always hit-and-miss in terms of what items show up there. Please make sure you post any auctions you are watching in the Authenticate This LV thread at the top of the Shopping section for review.

    Other than that, here are some known-to-be reputable websites that you can go to:

    Authentic Louis Vuitton Reseller ~ ~

    BUT please make sure you post ANY item that you are considering - even though these sites are known to be reputable, it is ALWAYS buyer beware...

    Good luck with your search!
  5. Welcome to TPF, Karen! Good luck on your search for the Monogram zippy wallet!
  6. Thanks!! I'm really loving the zippy wallet. I hope I can find one.
  7. You could try emailing to check if they may have one in stock but not listed.
  8. good luck!