HELPING me find a pair of jeans that fit!

  1. i know i could just go to holt renfrew to try on all the brands but im wondering if anyone who is about my size to tell me what fits them the best! so next time i go i can limit how many pairs i try

    i went to try on R&R's, 7's this weekend and i found out all i was either a 23 or 24 depending on the style. i was pretty surprised because i thought i was a 26/25. the R&R's were long on me so if i gte a pair of those ill be getting them hemmed for sure. the length for 7's were perfect but still a bit long. i have a pretty small and flat butt so its hard to find i think i either want a pair of true religions, R&R's or 7's.

    if anyone could tell me wha brand fits them the best and the style that would be great!
  2. oh and i am 5'6.
  3. for petite girls, i recommend paige, j brand, and diesel.
    it also depends on the fit you like and also the cut. i think all three brands are pretty low at the waist. j brand has a 9" rise cigarette leg that comes in size 23. if you want a bootcut in a higher rise, you could try 7's. they have an 8" rise bootcut.

    r&r will definitely not fit. they fit big and you generally have to go down a size. true religion will fit. 7's is a hit and miss but lately it's been a miss since their cuts are bigger this season.

  4. I wish I was 5'6 and a 23 waist!

    I am a real shortie. Like Kaye said, Paige is good for petites.
  5. I LOVE R&Rs but YES- They are ridiculous with their "vanity sizing" :shame: I usually wear 26-27 in TR or Seven but R&R I can wear anything from a 24-26 depending on the wash. They are very long and I do have to hem all of mine too:yes:
  6. R&R are good for girls who are tall& have slim legs. COH are good for curvy girls. Jbrand & Paige is good for petite gals.
  7. I've found lately Rock and Republic hard to fit. The always seem to be too big in the waiste if they fit my butt. Very frustrating. I'm in love with citizens right now.
  8. thanks!

    in toronto, is holts and mendocino the only place to buy paige and tr? does anyone know any other place?

    the r&r's actually fit really big now that i think about it, theres alot of extra fabric around the butt area and they are really long.
  9. and i forgot to add aritzia!
  10. i am a fan of SFAMK. citizens ran small for me, but they are very nice!
  11. below the belt @ yorkdale and over the rainbow on yorkville ave. both carry true religion.

    paige is harder to find. i've only seen it at the places you mentioned. try stylexchange on yonge, t.tribe @ first markham place in markham, and various JCY house locations (pacific mall, first markham place, vaughan mills, etc.).