Helping finding a similar watch

  1. Hi

    I hope you can help me find a watch similar to the Tiffany Grand Quartz resonator. The cost of $4600 is just too much for me. I love the style and how it feels on my arm. I was hoping to spend under $1 for something similiar, but I haven't found anything similiar. I like the fact that the watch has numbers and not roman numerals. I could honestly do without the diamonds. I am not really into the bling! THANKS THANKS THANKS !

    Here's a picture for your reference:

  2. Okay, I knew I'd seen something similar when I was looking at watches- it is not identical w/ ALL numbers but it is somewhat similar.

    Bulova and the more higher end division of the company, Wittnauer (my brand that I am loving!) have some w/ whole or partial numbers that aren't numerals. I think the Citizen brand does a lot w/o numerals too, from seeing watches in stores.
  3. Thanks so much! That's pretty similiar. I really like that one !