Helping a UK seller who's never shipped to USA before

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  1. Hi, I found a handbag I'm dying for on I emailed the seller and asked if she'd be willing to ship to San Francisco. She said yes, but she's never shipped anything out of the country and has no idea which service to use. What should I recommend to her? Money's not really important since I'm happy to pay whatever it costs, and I'll reimburse the seller. I've had good luck receiving DHL packages from UK-based stores (shoppes!), but will that be easy for the seller to arrange? Any other tips I should let her know about re customs, etc?

    Thanks so much in advance!
  2. You can send via courier, however, there will be much more chance of your package being stopped by your customs, and as well as any inport duty, you will have to pay the high courier costs related to this.

    Personally, I use Royal Mail "International signed for" plus "Small packet" (up to 2kg)

    It won't be cheap, but you do get insurance up to £500 (pay extra) For items above this amount, your seller will need to arrange private postage insurance.

    I think it covers her for paypal, ie online tracking, plus signature.

    You should be able to work out how much it costs, if you know how much the bag weighs, and the size of the package.

    Good luck!

  3. Royal Mail international signed for does not have online tracking. It does have signature confirmation though and the seller can buy additional insurance (standard cover is only £34) to cover the value of the bag.
  4. i'd get airsure for the US, it can be tracked on the way and is only 70p or so more than international signed for.
  5. Hmm, just looked again and it does say tracking until it leaves the UK, however, to the USA, from experience, if you type in the tracking number into USPS site, it does track it to destination.

    The other option of airsure, doesn't provide signature confirmation, which you do need for Paypal

  6. Thanks you guys, you've been very helpful.