helpi just bought a muse but the one from 2006????

  1. hello all, it's my first posting here. :smile: i bought a muse oversize white(ivory?) yesterday i n a ysl boutique. but i think it is not in the best shape if im not being ultra sensitive. it has little scratches peeling off at the one bottom corner of the bag AND a nail scratch about an 1 1/2long on the middle of the bag. plus, what bothers me the most is that the tag that comes with the bag says 2006 3 153959 blah blah. doesnt it mean it was made in 2006? i thought it is 2008 now and am confused now.... it's my first muse i donno if its supposed to be that old??? ....plz help....thanks all.
  2. Hi Choco and welcome to TPF!

    Congrats on your muse! Make sure you rub some leather conditioner on your bag and this will really help the scratches. I am not sure what you mean about the it discoloration at the edges?

    I bought my muse in Jan. 07, an OS muse, and the tag says 2006 3 and the six digit ID # you listed. This number is also on the back of the tag found attached to the pocket.

    Your bag must have been a return...:confused1:.

    If you bought it at a YSL store, I would not worry. If you have any more questions about authenticity, you can post some pics on the "Authenticate this-YSL" thread above.

  3. thanks a lot gr8heart!
    what i mean by peeling off is that the leather is scratched off. i can actually see the black(dark?)leather underneath the white skin(mine's OS white). i bought it in nyc(ysl boutique) just dont understand why they still have the bag from the 2006?..
    my another question, are the metal parts on the bag supposed to be super glossy? mine is very dull. no shine with a lot of small scratches on the metal parts(the lock and the rings on the sides) thanks again.
  4. Hmmm...It does sound like the bag was returned. There is usually discoloration around the edges and the conditioner really helps.

    The metal parts are not supposed to be super glossy and gold. The brass looks weathered and not shiney, and yes, they do seem to have scratches...I am trying to look for pics, but cannot at the moment.

    I wish I would not have lost my camera charger (the new one is on its way) so I could post pics. I hope you got a good deal on this muse!
  5. well i didnt get any 'deal' or discount. i didnt look for all the details of the bag in the boutique. that's just not what i usually do. until now i hadn't had any problem 'just picking it up' not examining it right there when i purchased a bag. but this time... *sigh*
    should i call the SA and talk? i donno what to do..thought?
  6. YES! Please call the SA and explain your concerns. If the bag looks used to you or worn, you should be able to get some discount. Older items are discounted anyway and that 2006 muse should be heavily discounted.

    If they do not offer you a discount, then perhaps you can ask for an exchange or credit to get another muse or other YSL bag. I suggest you look at the YSL bags posted by TPF members of on the thread above (a sticky).
  7. thank you gr8heart for the advice. it really helps me! let me talk to the SA tomorrow and i will update here. thanks a lot!
  8. I would definitely take it back to the boutique to talk with them. If possible, I would not do it over the phone as they can more easily talk you into it being ok. A new bag should be perfect! I reaaly would take it back to the boutique! Good luck.
  9. You should definitely get a discount - call the store!
  10. thanks all. i talked to the sa today he said the tag number 2006 3 is just a style number, not the year the bag was made. well i donno if i believe it completely since i saw another muse os white bag has a different style number starting with 2006 1. however i think im gonna keep it as is. i dropped by the boutique to exchange and the other bags he had were in even worse condition. im bit disappointed with the quality of ysl bags. i was planning on getting catwalk next month but not as convinced as before.:confused1:
    thank you all for the replies. you girls are sweet!:tup:
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  12. I've had a similar experience in the NYC YSL store.

    We were on holiday (we're from Europe) and my darling hubby :heart:wanted to buy me the large black leather muse and the SA told us it was the last one and after a close inspection, I decided I wasn't buying it because I noticed a big scratch.

    He asked me to wait and I thought he was going to discuss a discount because it was the last one. But then he showed up with another one. I didn't like that one either (too many creases) and then he came up with a third one without blushing!!! Finally the perfect one for me:okay:and he told me that I was being fussy but that it was a good thing.

    Of course I'm fussy, my hubby paid over 1400 dollars incl city tax for the bag:smooch: .. how could I not be fussy!!

    Anyway, I'm over the moon with my bag, but ladies .. be careful and check your bag from every single angle before you decide to buy it.
  13. I never experienced any bad YSL bags... I bought my Rive Gauche in sage and within the first week I spilled some green tea latte on it. It left a stain on it and I called the YSL boutique and they offered to clean it for me. They were really nice about it and told me I'm "invited to bring the bag in." I didn't really feel like having my bag sent for repair or cleaning and the manager recommended Penguin leather cleaner to use. It did work! I thought the YSL in NYC has great service and the quality it the product is great.