***HelpI I bought a fake Gucci bag from ebay****

  1. How did you pay for the item? With Paypal?--if you paid with paypal you could file a complaint with them, but you will have to show proof that the bag is fake and you only have a certain amount of time to do this. If you paid with check, money order, or bank transfer, the only thing you could do is file a complaint with eBay.
  2. cant see pic how can you show proof that its fake?
    a letter /email from gucci
    im not making fun but would like to know
    i hate when people trick you thats sucks
  3. Why do you need the seller's address? Do not send the bag back unless paypal or ebay tells you to do so. They bag may be needed for evidence.
  4. It's no use with Paypal in regards to resolution. If you paid with your credit card, call them up. They will settle everything for you from getting a replica. It happened to me once, and my credit card company took over. All I had to do was supplying all the necessary doc. and evidence requested.
  5. You will have to try and file a complaint with Paypal. Then call up your credit card company! Good Luck!
  6. pay pal won't help you...or so i've found. i hope you paid with your credit card! good luck, i just dealt w. a fake gucci from ebay, so i feel your pain!
  7. why haven't you left bad feedback yet so no one else gets fooled?