Helpful tip for Groom Agenda owners!

  1. Hi all, I'm the proud owner of a new Groom Agenda in red. As much as I love this agenda, I could not bring myself to pay for the LV refills. I mean, come on, $50+ for paper? :cursing:

    So, I took myself down to the local Staples store. They have refills by the brand Day Runner. Since I'll only be using my agenda for notes, I was able to purchase lined notepaper (30 sheets) for $3.65. So I bought two of them -- now that's living on the edge! :p

    In case anyone is interested, the item number is 014-200.

  2. Thanks...I was looking for some.
  3. I just paid $62 for the quarterly year set :shame: (they also have the regular condensed year for $55, but I figured for only $7 more I could use the extra space) Good bargain find!