helpful reminder for all of you ladies

  1. if you are only carrying your clutch/wristlet, make sure that you separate your credit cards from your cellphone as it can de-magnetize the strip on your cards :yes: just a helpful advice :heart::yes:
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  5. Actually any magnet can de-magnetize- so if there is a magnet for the closure of your clutch, then that could de-magnetize also.

    Why Do Credit Cards Get Demagnetized?

    All credit cards, along with many identity cards and access cards, have a magnetic strip on their reverse side which contains information about the card and card holder. If this strip is demagnetized, the card will become useless in a card reader, regardless as to whether or not it is valid. A number of objects in daily life can demagnetize a credit card. If a credit card is handled with care, it should not become demagnetized, and if your credit card does get demagnetized, it will need to be replaced by the card issuer.

    Because the information in the data strip is magnetic, it is susceptible to anything else which is magnetic, as being in contact with a magnetic field will erase the information by realigning the iron particles. Common demagnetizing culprits are the pads used to deactivite security devices in new books, CDs, and movies, some security screening machines, and even small magnets like those used on the fridge. Speakers, some cell phones, and magnetic clasps on wallets and purses can also demagnetize a credit card, and cards such as transit passes used on many subway systems are even more susceptible to being demagnetized.
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    Also, if you have anything made of eelskin, keep that away from your credit cards because something in the leather can dmagnetize the strip.
  7. Yes, my step mom found this out on a recent ski trip when she was carrying her cell phone and cards in the same pocket!
  8. Thanks for the info, I completely forgot about that :idea: .
  9. Good thing for my LV Groom Cles:tender:
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    *Running to move CC away from phone now!*
  11. Thanks for the tip! I always wondered about this...
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  13. does that include chip and pin cards :s we dont really sign for our cards no more we ue our pink number in machines do you do this is usa?
  14. I learned that the hard way lol, I kept my hotel card near my cell phone when I was in AZ and it kept deactivating my card!
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