Helpful MJ Boutique SA?

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  1. Can somebody recommend a helpful MJ boutique SA? I'm trying to find a bag from past season (Fall 2007) and none of the department stores carry it anymore. I've read about some SAs in the boutiques not being very helpful as they try to sell current season stuff. I'm trying to make my search as quick and painless as possible. ;)

    Thanks in advance, Pretty People! This MJ forum rocks-- I'm trying to build my collection slowly... and I'm failing happily!!! :drool:
  2. absolutely, without a doubt, the best mj sa is gabby from the ny boutique on mercer st. muggles and tuffcookie can totally back me up on this one. i cannot say enough good things about her. she is so nice, knowledgeable, happy, and helpful. it's so hard to find a good sa nowadays considering there are a good number of snobby b!tches in the mj stores right now!

    just out of curiosity, what bag are you looking for?
  3. Thanks Tadpole! I will call her-- Can you PM me your name so I can tell her you were the one who referred her? I'm looking for a bordeaux Christy... or a large MP as a back up if they don't have it. Possibly a quilted ZC too but still have to decide on the color. ;)

    This MJ addiction is sooo bad! I've postponed the purchase of a new Notebook PC to next year just to get my bags-- will replace the PC when it breaks down. It's still working perfectly and has been my trusted companion in my frantic search for MJ bags :yes: