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  1. As you know, I've been trying to find out the date, artist etc of some of the Hermes Scarves I own and have come across a useful Japanese website that lists the scarves per year that were released (up until 2005). The names are in French / English so it's really easy to see what was produced.

    So if you don't have the little booklets from years gone by, you could try checking the above...hope it helps:yes:
  2. good link, thanks, I've found the name of a plisse I own :flowers:
  3. This is a great resource! Thanks for sharing:goodpost:
  4. Thank you Alidoll for sharing the information on this very useful site with us!! :flowers::flowers:
  5. Alidoll, thank you SO much for posting this! I have so many "vintage" H scarves that I have NO idea what they are called. So very helpful indeed! :tup:
  6. Wow, great source. Thanks.
  7. Thank you for posting!
  8. Thank you for the link! This is a great website.
  9. Fabulous, thanks so much for sharing!
  10. Wow this great! Thanks for taking the time to post.
  11. Oh, that's wonderful, alidoll! Thanks so much for posting!
  12. Thanks for posting, Alidoll. :smile:
  13. Wow, this is fabulous!! Thank you so much!