Helpful Hints

  1. Just wanted to make a thread where people could share random tidbits. Little helpful hints for around the house, beauty, whatever.

    For example, I learned on a TV show that Visine gets the redness out of pimples!

    Or if you don't have enough time to shower, just rub some baby oil on your legs and you can shave with that.

    anyone else have these sort of helpful hints?
  2. great idea for a thread, i love stuff like this

    if you get marks on pale coloured shoes spray loads of hairsparay on cotton wool and it gets the marks off the shoes.

    if your dress gets bad static spray your legs and the inside of the dress with hairspray.
  3. cool, thanks :smile:
  4. To remove stubborn adhesive price tags or other stickers from plastic surfaces, cover with peanut butter and let stand a couple of hours, then scrape off. To remove from glass, use nail polish remover.
  5. Great idea for a thread!

    I heard that before you pluck your eyebrows spread a little bit of aloe vera gel on it to reduce the pain.
  6. that'd be a good one for me, i'm a wuss when it comes to plucking my eyebrows!
  7. Great thread! You may already know these but anyway:

    -You can also use conditioner to shave your legs! If you're out of shaving cream of course.

    -Stubborn price tags and/or the glue residue after removing them comes off easily with rubbing alcohol.

    -Hair dye stains on bathroom surfaces comes off with some nail polish remover. Just rub with a cotton pad soaked in it.

    Any ideas on how to clean suede?
  8. if you get deodorant on your shirt, rub it another shirt against it and it'll come out!
  9. If you get a grease stain on silk, sprinkle a little baby (talcum) powder on the stain. Then cover with waxed paper and place a warm iron on top of the waxed paper. The heat from the iron should lift the stain and enable you to get the garment to the cleaners without too much damage being done to the item.
  10. oooh, didn't know that!
    -conditioner can also be used as an in shower body lotion
    -paint stuck on your mirror? some WD-40 will clean it right off
  11. -Okay this may be useless, lol: SO has nearly ruined two of my cast iron skillets by scrubbing the seasoning off, thinking it needed to be cleaned hard :rolleyes: To get it back on, I rub shortening in it, bake it for a while, let it cool, wipe it out with a paper towel, re-apply shortening, bake again, and repeat as many times as necessary! Or just fry something in it a couple of times, something with a lot of grease, like chicken and whatnot!
  12. Toothpaste helps 'dry out' & clear up large pimples.
  13. Whenever we go to Disney parks, Sea World, etc. or any amusement park, I put my phones in a tiny Ziploc in my purse so they don't get wet.

    Also, I found that storing makeup in tightly sealed Ziploc's is a great way to reduce the amount of bacteria getting into it. I store my mascara is tightly sealed bags to prevent bacteria because I am deathly afraid of eye infections. :push:
  14. when opening a bag of frozen veggies, use scissors to cut a strip across one end, and then use that strip as a twist tie to close the bag!
  15. I like to take my lunch to keep potato chips or crackers from getting crushed into a million pieces, put them in a plastic sandwich container rather than a ziploc bag.