1. I was never a Chanel person (although I often shop there with friends who are)

    Anyways, I received these classic-looking, soft-leather, no-heel, Chanel boots for the holidays. Although I dont own boots and usually don't wear boots, for some reason I love them! So I'm not taking them back. They look so simple and classy...which I like.

    Somehow they just dont look right with anything else I own. I don't own any Chanel bags because (you guys prolly wont want to hear this) I never saw one I really really liked.

    Is it me, or is it weird to wear Chanel shoes with a bag from another house?
    Should I buy a Chanel bag? If so, which one?

    I've never felt this way with any other shoes (i.e. I'm ok with prada shoes with some other purse...) Is it because it has the little CC on the front patent part of the shoes? I feel like you can't tell the logo unless you look very very closely. :confused1:
  2. It doesn't matter of course if you wear them with a no-Chanel bag!
    Most of us don't match bags with the same designer shoes/boots!
    Do keep them since you love them and BTW do have a look at our Library section I'm sure you'll love a Chanel bag eventually!;)
  3. don't worry about wearing them w/ more Chanel accessories:nogood: Enjoy them w/ whatever bag you normally carry!