Help !!!!!!!

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  1. Omg so I just bought this black impregnation spray for my suede heels...and you can imagine what happened.....I forgot to protect the red color .........

    I just ordered this red color from red-soles, do you think it will cover the black spots ??

  2. IMG_1542820703.653208.jpg

    This is the red paint
  3. Hi Betty, the same thing happened to me? I used something called Walk On paint by Angelus which I got on Ebay. I had to paint the whole sole to avoid a visible 'edge' where the old meets the new. The colour match is good. you can also get some finisher that leaves a glossy surface.
    I since successfully repainted some ballerinas, where the whole surface get scuffed
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  4. ....forgot to add that it may be worth trying a solvent to remove the spots, white spirit, methelated spirits etc. But try a small spot first just in case it take the red off too
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  5. I thought I was the only one who made this horrible mistake !!!! Thank you for your input I appreciate it. I’m going to the cobbler today in hope he can remove the spots. I think the color I Ordered will cover it good enough. I’ll get back with the result !!!!