1. Ok, so I went a little...okay, a LOT crazy with the spending these past 2 months, now that my manic phase as ceased, I am trying to decide on what I should return. Also, I want to keep items that won't be looking outdated in a few years.

    I've got

    4 Chloe handbags (Choco patent Betty, Jade Edith, Grey/black Tracy, black/black Paddington Shopper tote)
    3 Gucci handbags (Amalfi bowler, purple large bouvier hobo, red Britt hobo)
    4 Marc Jacobs bags (Calfskin Tote, Large orange tote, banana hobo
    4 prs Chloe Boots
    2 prs of Louboutins (espadrille, hi-tina)
    2 prs of Manolos (magretto sandals, calfhair pumps)
    1 Gucci montana boots
    1 Via Spiga boots

    Any suggestions? Please be honest, but not brutal. Thanks.:shame:
  2. wow!! you did buy a lot! I'm not sure how half your items look so I can't help you decide which you should keep and which to send back. Either way, good luck in picking!
  3. I'd love to help, but do you think you could take a picture of your collection? I don't know a lot of these, sorry. :smile:
  4. I would need pics also to tell.....
  5. Yes, please show us pictures. It's good that you're being responsible after a spending spree and deciding to return some stuff.
  6. I myself don't like the Chloe bags since they are heavy as they are (with no content). So I usually dont use my Chloe bag as much as my other bags. I would say keep all the Louboutins and the Manolos...haha they are classics.
  7. i don't know them visually :p
    but i see u got a LOT of boots there, maybe u won't need that much?