1. Ladies. Im dying here. Here's the quick story behind my madness: My boyfriend bought me (my first) Balenciaga this Christmas, and I settled on a 2007 Noir (back) City with the giant hardware. I loved it, but it was so heavy! Not to mention I had a hard time finding things to go with it because of the gold. So, needless to say, I returned the bag and have ordered in a reg. hardware black city. Doesnt sound so painful does it? WELL- here's the deal. I first fell in love with Balenciaga when I saw a seafoam first (THANK YOU Ashley Olsen). (I believe in getting the bag you really want-esp for the money you spend on one!) But really- I wanted to die! Its beautiful! But of course, they're nearly impossible to find. Not to mention in a city, and one that has been taken care of. The problem is, NOTHING stands out to me in the collections I see. So what should I do? Stick with a black (which my bf would want me to get bc its "practical" and risk him getting upset (he's already not to happy with me switching my mind bc it took me forever to figure out the first bag I got) or try to find a seafoam that someone is selling? Girls. I just dont know what to do. PLEASE HELP!!
  2. awe, i'm sorry about your dilemma sweetie :girlsigh:....but i think you should stick with the black city w/regular hardware for now, since it's the most classic b-bag out there & i think every b-bag girl should have at least one (lol!!!) :p...then you can enjoy it while you hunt for your seafoam, because that one could take you a good long time!!!
  3. I totally agree with aaallabama. Personally, I am concerned that you might be setting a bad precedent if you return his gift and go looking for the seafoam because the last thing you want to appear to your bf is ungrateful for such a wonderful gift. How would you feel if you went through all kinds of trouble to get him an Xbox 360 and games and he says I think I kinda want the PS3 instead?

    I also agree that the black city is such a staple. If you switched it from the big hardware to smaller hardware, I think that's fine (and a good choice!). Just save up for the seafoam and buy it when you find one. It'll make having the black one even sweeter then because you'll have two! ;) Good luck, sweetie. I hope you get the bag of your dreams and soon!
  4. Thanks girls. You both are so sweet for replying, but yes, I hear what you're saying, and it does make sense. Every girl should have a black bbag, not to mention I don't want to upset him- although he's been putting up with my wishy-washy-ness for over a year and a half. The poor boy. Anyhow, thanks girls, you're the best!
  5. It is a toughie... It's hard when you know the exact colour you want from a past season; I've had a similar dilemma myself!
    I would say that remember they make black every season and you have to LOVE the bag..:p I've just checked eBay and there are 3 seafoam colours on there- 1 first, 1 city and 1 twiggy but it is hard to find them in top condition as it's a paler colour.
    I always say go with your instinct:yes:
  6. I say stick with the black city with regular hardware. Its a clasic bag and you can't go wrong with it
  7. Stick with the gift of the black city -- it's something you bought together (not many bfriends spring for Balenciaga!). Then save some money and get Ms. Seafoam for your second bag...they come up on auction pretty regularly. I've been in this forum only since November, and I've seen a bunch already -- more will come!
  8. get the black city with regular hardware....especially if it's your first bbag. You can get other colors later on. :smile:
  9. :yes: I'm with the rest of the gals here, and think you should stick with your black city with regular hardware first, whilst you look around for your dream seaform bag. I mean, why deprive yourself of having one while you search? ;)

    p/s Ya bf is a sweetie for getting you a bbag!!