1. I'm sorry if there's already a thread about this. I couldn't find it. I could only find a thread about lightening of cognac spy leather. The thing is the leather on my cognac spy is peeling.. You can see the inside of the leather. I don't know if I'm making ay sense :p
    I have attached some pics. What to do to prevent it to peel even more?

    PS: this is the older cognac spy
    spy2.jpg spy4.jpg spy5.jpg
  2. i have that on mine too... i was assuming that it was natural wear and tear.
  3. I would take it into a Fendi store, I am sure they could restore it
  4. Just read this. Do take it into the Fendi store. If you have, what did they say? When I was trying to make a decison between cognac and choc, the senior SA at Fendi Takashimaya (S'pore)told me that she had many complaints about past season cognacs.. though I found out from PFers here that the new cognac is okay. from what the SA has acknowledged, it seems that Fendi knows abt this so I'm sure they will do something for you if you bring it back and show it's not just wear and tear. I would expect them to do the right thing!
  5. Lucidbabe is quite right, The new Cognac and other spys are now treated so that they do not fade like the old Cognac. This is a known fault and Fendi should help you with it.
  6. Good luck with your bag! I know that I would be pretty upset. Fendi should be able to help restore it as Lucidbabe and Saich said.

    :heart: BL
  7. I don't have the receipt with me. Do I need it? If I do, I need to ask my mom to bring it over to Sydney when she's visiting.
    I did put some apple leather conditioner, but it didn't help :sad:

    Thanks for the help everyone :smile: