LV LaLa Land
Aug 9, 2012
Hello everyone,

My cousin will be in Paris around the holidays and she wanted to know of any locations to get a Celine Mini Luggage that wouldn't be as busy or not as known? Anyone know of any good little hidden spots? Thanks for any help.


Sep 24, 2013
I'm convinced that finding a Luggage is all about luck. Since it's around the holidays, it'll be unlikely that you'll find your dream luggage - if you're willing to compromise on size/colour, then maybe you'll get lucky.

I think your best bet is going to ANY Celine boutique in Paris, and if you find a bag that you like and they don't have it for sale in store, they can call another boutique (that has the bag) and put one on hold for you.

I know someone who went to Galleries Lafayette and found a Tricolour Mini Luggage that they fell in love with, but it wasn't for sale at Galleries. The SAs at Galleries called a boutique on Ave. Montaigne and they had the bag at that location, which is where she ended up buying the bag from.

Personally, when I went to Galleries Lafayette back in May, the Celine selection was VERY limited. They only had one mini luggage that was not for sale. But the staff are very helpful.

Hope this helps.