help !

  1. I have decolorated hairs.
    In this last year, they become stressed, arid... terrible! I've cutted, but they're still ruined.:crybaby:
    When i wash them they are so... fuzzy and only after 2/3 days a liiiitle less horrible.:crybaby:
    Do you know a good product to make they shine and silky?
    :heart: Stephanie.
  2. My sister has really dry and frizzy hair and in the past few days it's so lovely, straight and silky, I discovered that she's been using my conditioner

    Olive Glossing Conditioner

    It seems to be working better on her dry hair than on my hair which is more on the oily side.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Thank you, I will buy it, there's a bs near my editorial unit...:yes:
    :heart: Stephanie:heart: