1. I'm in dire need of help in locating a blueberry work. After missing the sale at Gretta Lux in which they had a blueberry work and emailing around several times to Brown's in London which I had the chance to purchase again but missed again...i'm kinda thinking that I'm not really supposed to have a blueberry work in my future :crybaby: now I come asking....has anyone seen a blueberry work with really nice leather ?

    My cousin came for the holidays with the most amazing blueberry city that I've ever seen and ever since then I've been :drool: over now i've forgotten all about the '05 work i originally wanted...and now want a work in blueberry color! :yahoo:

    so all in all, if anyone has seen a blueberry work anywhere..please let me know!

    Thanks. :smile:
  2. I had a Blueberry Work once - but now my friend has it! Everytime I see her with it, I'm like "ekekeke - me wants it back" hehehehe!!! I reckon the colour is AWESOME and the longer you use it the better the bag begins to look!!! Just LOVE the Blueberry colour :love: - GOOD LUCK on your search - I hope you find one!!!
  3. There's a blueberry city, said to be purchased at Gretta Luxe, on ebay. The single pic shown is inadequate to get an idea if how authentics it may or may not be, however.