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  1. I am now very uncecided i bought my lovely Mitzy East West Hobo in Eggplant which i love to bits.

    But i have managed to get my first love a SBS in Fushia i missed out on getting this in the summer and then they went to Sale, so i couldnt miss out again.

    Do i keep both or just the SBS, i cant return the Mitzy now as its out of the 7 days.
  2. Sounds like you'll have to keep both. If the SBS was your first love, it's a definite keeper
  3. If you can afford to keep both!
    I had this dilemma at Bicester today-loved the mitzy tote and foxglove lily. Bought them both and a foxglove love and peace pouch!!! Couldn't help myself but now what do I it my winter coat with?!?!?
  4. Could you put one away to save for Christmas or your birthday? I do this to stop me feeling too guilty. I think you need them both.
  5. It was just worried the Mitzy will sit there unused
  6. If only there wasn't so much choice out there. I was do shocked to find my first choice.
  7. I know how you feel there is so much you see and love. I have recently had a big splurge. Will see when the SBS arrives tomorrow.
  8. They are both such different bags though aren't they so you could use them for different things. The mitzy could be an everyday bag ?
  9. Thanks Sue i think i will know when the Fushia SBS arrives toaday.
  10. I use my Mitzy everyday now, though when I first got it I rarely used it. Now I barely use anything else! I love the fact she is bombproof, I'm much more careful and aware with my other bags so it's nice to not have to worry about messing her up when I'm out.
  11. I am such a wally the SBS wasn't Fushia it was Foxglove Croc Nappa
  12. What is this like IRL? Any pics?! I worry that it might be too bright for a 40-something to tout around and I might be safer going with a more neutral shade?!:smile:

  13. Hi Mayfly - I must disagree with that! You are NEVER too old for a pop of pink to brighten your day! :biggrin:
  14. Love both of these - and imo they will both be very useful in different ways - and the colourways are also tdf......but my benchmark for deciding whether to keep a bag is to honestly determine whether she will go with my wardrobe and thus be used, or, if not, and she is going to languish in her dustbag in the closet, then probably best to sell on.....of course ultimately it is up to you, but, as already said here, they are both smashers, so it makes that decision all the more difficult!!....:biggrin:
  15. Hee hee! You haven't set foot around these parts!! I'd frighten the livestock - and the locals. Or maybe the other way around ... :biggrin: