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  1. I need help! Can anyone show me the difference between Iris and Crocus? Anyone have any pictures?

    Also, if given the choice between a Lime Candy and a Crocus, which would you pick, and why?
  2. i have nooo idea !!!!!! really i have seen it in person it has less grey undertones but.......
  3. PI, I think Crocus is brighter than Iris. I think Iris is a little muddy looking. I'd prefer Crocus over Lime, but I know how much you love the candy colors.
  4. Well do you prefer Togo vs Epsom more than the other? That would factor into my decision personally. But if it doesn't matter to you, I'd go with iris to look a little more classic, deep rich purple, and crocus for a more 'pop' purple fun color-- it'd be a great addition to your candy collection! :party:
  5. ms piggy may be able to help you. She has a lovely purple collection and has a eye for the differences in these colors. All sound gorgous~and by the way~did I let you off Ban Island?
  6. I've only seen Iris in Togo and Crocus in Epsom irl. To me, crocus is a brighter purple. Iris has more of a blue undertone. In terms of just looking at colors, I prefer Crocus over Iris. However, i'm not a big fan if Epsom so i might pick Iris if it were a birkin or kelly that I was getting. Not trying to complicate things more but perhaps you should consider Ultraviolet. UV is my favorite as it's bright and warmer looking than Crocus or Iris.
    As for Lime, I LOVE it. I have a B25 Lime Candy that I use pretty often. I was initially afraid that i would find it hard to wear but's it's quite versatile for the summer. Between Lime and any of the purples, i would probably pick Lime as there will always be other purples with very slight differences. I dont think there will be another color similar to Lime.
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    Oh that is hard-- i love all three!

    Crocus in epsom is lighter and brighter than iris in togo which is more mellow and darker. Crocus is a very striking color IRL, and wow, so is lime candy!!!!!!!

    To me, lime candy is the most special, followed by crocus, then iris, then ultraviolet.

    If it were me, I would choose lime candy for a cool 35B or crocus for a "dressier" 30B.
  8. Hmmmm LIME !!!! Won't come again believe me I mean I still think H is saying how did we ever accept neons LOL not true but it is rare coming from H I have not seen something as piping as lime since ecru and that was ages ago so..... LIME purples will always be there !!!!!
  9. I actually saw those two colour swatches side by side recently but unfortunately I didn't take a photo. To me, Crocus is lighter, not necessarily brighter though. With more red undertone compared to Iris. I would say crocus is a warm purple and iris is a cold purple. HTH!

    Although I'm not a green person but if you are, I would pick lime. Even my SA said H have done a lot of purples but not enough good greens. Grab lime if you can!
  10. PI, I know you are a big fan of LIME, try it in person and see if thats what you really want and go and get it...
  11. Hi, the b in my avatar is a crocus. I also have a Kelly in Iris. To my eye, if you put the colors side by side, the crocus is a deeper, more intense purple with just the tiniest hint of blue, while the iris has a tinge of grey. Hope that helps!
  12. OH MY!!! A hard one...well not for me... I would be on that lime like a bee to honey in an instant my dear! However, of the two purples I would go for Iris. In addition, I think you really need to consider Ultraviolet. UV is superior to Crocus in my honest opinion!!!!
  13. what a fabulous dilemma to have!

    i am not a big fan of lime, so for me it would be one of the purples all the way! i love both iris and crocus, but i am not a fan of epsom (except for a constance) so that would make me lean towards iris.... and like others have mentioned, UV should be in the mix too and may give iris a run for its money!
  14. ITA!

    As for Epsom, I've never been a fan, but when I was offered my Etain/Thalassa
    Candy Birkin last Febuary, I totally fell for the colour combo and bought it.....Only to discover that the corners scratch much faster than any other leather (and I own all the leathers considered "delicate": Box, Barenia, Vache Naturelle, Swift...) I was most surprised, as I had always heard that Epsom is one of the most sturdy leathers! For sure that's the first and last Epsom bag I buy!
  15. Let me make the decision for you. Lime Candy B and Ultraviolet.:smile: Perfecto'! To add to your collection. Do you own Iris? P, You need All the colors!:woot:

    Bleu Paon, Bleu Hydra; both nice combis to add too. Not to complicate matters but to give some suggestions for next time.:hugs: