Dec 26, 2006
I have the signature/saddle Carly bag and I have carried it everday since October!! I have been so careful until I made the stupid mistake of carrying it on a flight to NYC. The security guard, took it out of the plastic bin and put it through the conveyor belt. It got some pretty ugly black marks. I bought the cleaner from Coach and it seems to have helped. Does anybody have any suggestions on how another way to clean the bag? Somebody told me to spray it with fabric protector but I am scared to do that. Thanks!!
I'm not surprised...I used to fly 6 times a month for my job before I got transfered and they'd try to take my bags out of the bin all the time...I'd always make them put it back.
^^Next time get a longchamp tote or some other esque bag to protect it! I'd be pissed off! Take it to the boutique or contact barbara from lovingmybags?
Would it be a good idea to call Coach and ask them what to do? I'd be so ticked off. :cursing: Why do they need to remove it from the bin? Makes me more aware of carrying my bags on flights though.

Anytime they've done it to me its been during peak travel times with security crazy and not enough bins...I think thats why they do it to me...but I make them leave it alone anyway.
So this brings up a question... how should one travel with handbags? I will be flying in August of this coming year and want to take a couple of my Coach bags. Should I purchase a big cheap tote to carry on board then pack my bags in my checked luggage? Or pack my bags in a big cheap tote to carry on board? LOL! I don't like the thought of my bags being 'man-handled'! EWWWW!!! :throwup:
Thanks! I will try the Magic Eraser and the website you guys suggested. I wouldn't travel with my bags ever again. For the return trip I bought a large tote and put my coach bag and some of my purchases in there. That is when they took it out and and put on the belt. They also emptied the wristlet and my wallet out as well and sent them through. I am just going to travel with my less expensive bags from now on.
^^ You know, that just sucks! When you go away somewhere you want to take your nice bags with you. It's ridiculous to have to worry about someone not respecting your property enough to keep it from getting dirty like that. I'll be hopefully purchasing some new bags/accessories while on vacation in August so I'll have to think carefullly about how I'll bring back my new items. (I don't live near any boutiques or outlets so will be hitting as many up as I can while traveling)

So sorry about your bag. I hope the Magic Eraser works for you. Please let us know how it turns out.