1. help!!!! i returned a package on 6/29/2012 using USPS through my company's postage meter to Neiman Marcus and they have not received the package i do not have insurance on it and the mail clerk sent my package out with the stamp but i have no receipt what can i do the Bag is $731.00. i called Neiman Marcus and they still have not received the package and today is 7/18/2012. i do not know what to do the post office told me without a tracking or delivery confirmation nothing can be done. can someone please help me i feel like i am going crazy i cannot afford to pay for a bag that i sent bag and now its not there. would i have to pay for the bag or can i dispute the claim with my Neiman Marcus credit card?
  2. The post office is correct. Without a signature confirmation or a tracking number the USPS has no way of knowing where your bag is. You can try and dispute the charges with your credit card company but NM may try to recover their cost.
  3. Unfortunately, the post office is correct. Without tracking, there is no way to see where the package is or trace its progress. You can try to call Neiman's credit card and see if this qualifies for a dispute. I am sorry this is happening, I hope it gets resolved for you.