Dec 14, 2006
Hi girls, I need help picking out a gift for my girlfriend. Which would you prefer and why, the Edith shopper in chocolate or the Edith tall satchel (conteen) in chocolate? She likes to wear it over the shoulder so I believe both would work. I know nothing about purses!

Wow, first of all, you are a VERY generous friend! I'd say go with the Canteen. I've seen it at Saks and contemplated getting it myself before going for the classic satchel. Love the Canteen! The shopper is actually not that cute IRL. it's kind of stiff. maybe with use it'll soften but the canteen just has such a great vintage school bag type of look.
you are very sweet and she is very lucky! i don't think you can go wrong with either choice, the handle drop is about the same on both, she'll be able wear them on her shoulder (although not with a heavy thick coat), and they're very similar styles...i'm sure she'll love the one you give her!
As long as it is in chocolate, she will love it!!! LOL! That is only because that is my favorite chloe color! but seriously, you can't go wrong either way- she will be so thrilled! And very lucky might I add!
Wish my DH was like you...

I have both in Canteen and Shopper. I like the Canteen so much that I've bought 2 (blk and mastic), but then I do NOT like the zipper as I felt the design of having to remove the buckel to get to the zipper is quite annoying.....
So, then I've just bought the shopper in cream.

It will depend on your GF as to whether she like the EXTRA step to get to her stuff within the purse or she is a quick peson who wants her items IMMEDIATELY?!

Hope I didn't confuse you....
If you know she will like one of these two styles, I think she will end up loving either one... like Morgan said, she may have preferences about how to reach her stuff, etc., but chocolate is beautiful and Chloe is amazing, so I know she will love either.
Thanks for all the replies.

Things didn't quite go as I had planned, went to my local NM to see the bags in person - no Edith shoppers but found the Edith conteen in whiskey on sale so I picked it up - then I saw a beautiful shoulder bag in whiskey in the case and it was a brand new "hot off the press" Edith hobo! I couldn't find a reference to it on the site so I thought you guys (gals) would like to see a picture of it - the bag also comes in ivory and nutmeg(?) I ended up buying both and will let her pick out the one she wants and the other will go back - she's been good but not THAT good!!!


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Dear Rinstar311, TOTALLY agree with you and many of PFs, Chloe makes a RICH and 'DELICIOUS' Chaco, got many of her styles w/this color. Especially in the paddy leather!!!

Dear Bumboola, you are every WOMEN's dream better 1/2. Your GF is LUCKY to have someone with such good taste and I am sure she is more ADOABLE than any of the Chloes!!!

Happy Holidays to ALL and ENJOY your new 'babies'!!!