1. hi there can any one help me out? please visit
    - is this bag real..and what season is it from? i can't seem to find anything like it on the internet, and i'm superbly interested in purchasing it.
  2. I can't help you, but try posting in the gucci forum. They should have an authentification thread. Good luck!
  3. I wouldn't know Gucci from Pucci; I need help deciding on my first major bag purchase.

    But I am concerned that the seller did not show pictures of the interior, the special card. In addition, the bag is hanging on a store rack. Does the person work in the store? I highly doubt they would allow their employees to take photos of the bag like that. The wall hanging with wooden panel reminds me of the walls of seen in Chinatown, not a home, not a high end retail store. That bag may be real, but I see 2 red flags.